Tasmanian Branch News

10/01/2022 | General

Members of the Tasmanian Branch in Hobart felt very fortunate to have face-to-face meetings throughout 2021. This offered an opportunity to showcase local talent and that of one interstate visitor who was able to make it through the borders! We were also able to join many interesting sessions offered by other branches, thanks to the use of Zoom. In the later part of the year, we added the option of live streaming for members in the North and North-West of the state.

Our local presentations were all fascinating and attracted insightful questions, great discussions, and debate. The following gives a brief snapshot:

  • Senior forensic scientist, Carl Grosser (DNA Profiling) from Forensic Science Service Tasmania, presented on activity level propositions and ways that this evidence of how a trace was left might be presented in court.
  • Professor Michael Breadmore, from the University of Tasmania, showcased his research in analytical chemistry, and specifically in the miniaturisation of instruments for fieldwork with forensic applications.
  • Sergeant Mark Forteath, Chief Remote Pilot at Tasmania Police, presented on the new fleet of drones, aerial support for police investigations, and aerial photography and 3D modelling capabilities.
  • Professor Ian Dadour, Western Australian Honorary Forensic Entomologist and Head of Research and Education at Source Certain International, presented on ‘body farms’, wheelie bin research, and new technologies in forensic entomology.
  • Award-winning photographer and crime scene examiner, Constable Nicholas Monk from Tasmania Police, discussed camera technology and current and future directions – along with beautiful landscapes.

We got in just before the rush for some early end-of-year festivities. We look forward to next year and the Symposium.