Honorary Life Members

Below is our list of honorary life members. Each of these members has contributed significantly to the Society and we are eternally indebted and grateful for their contributions.

First name Last name
Darren Bails
Keith Bedford
Edward (Jack) Billing
Carolyne Bird
Carl Cameron
Grahame Cook
Ken Cox
Bill Crick
Eric Davies
Henry Delaforce
Paul Donkin
David Eitzen
Bryan Found
David Gidley
Hadyn Green
Stephen Gutowski
Allan Herkt
Allan Hodda
Ross James
Hilton Kobus
Michael Liddy
Eric Murray
Samuel Norman
Jim Pearson
Stanley Pilbeam
Derick Pocock
Tony Raymond
James Robertson
Alastair Ross
Claude Roux
Ali Sears
Lionel Sharman
John Snowden
Peter Thomas
Les Thomas
Robert Winchester