Privacy Policy

The ANZFSS complies with the Australian Privacy Act 1988. The Society protects the privacy of Members and does not provide any personal information to any third party. Members provide contact and other personal details when applying for membership. Proceeding with an application of membership is considered acceptance of our Privacy Policy.

Member details are only available to the Executive, Branch Executive with which they nominate to be associated, and the Organising Committee of the Symposium. Details are available to be viewed and updated by the Member at any time through the Membership Database. Membership can be revealed to another Member or the public though the online Member Lookup function when the first and last name of the Member is entered exactly as recorded on the Membership Database. The information provided confirms the person searched is a current financial member and no other details.

The ANZFSS operated a members-only email list which members subscribe to by provision of an email address when applying for membership. The list is used to communication about matters of the Society and is free from spam and commercial advertisements. The Society undertakes to protect the email addresses of all Members through a secure server to prevent unsolicited intervention.