New South Wales Branch

Servicing the largest population of all ANZFSS branches, the NSW branch aims to provide information and networking opportunities to meet the needs of our members across the state, covering the diverse spectrum of forensic science.

We actively encourage engagement from our members and offer a range of online and in-person events to cater to the nature of our widespread membership base. We have a range of generous scholarships available to members to facilitate conference attendance and professional development.


Branch Executive

Dr Jennifer Raymond

Research Coordinator - NSW Police Force
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Dr. Greta Frankham

Vice President
Conservation Geneticist and Wildlife Forensic Scientist
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Dr Alex Summerell

Forensic Biologist - Forensic and Analytical Science Services (FASS)
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Madelen Chikhani

Accreditation Specialist (Forensics) - NATA

Committee Members

Lauren Atwood

Research Officer - NSW Police Force
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Caitlin Andrew

Technical Officer - NSW Health (FASS)

Dr. Catherine Hitchcock

Senior Scientist - NSW Health (FASS)
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Dr. David Bruce

Doctor Of Medicine - NSW Health (FASS)

Domenic Raneri

Gavin Henderson

Dr. Hayley Green

Senior Lecturer - WSU
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Joel Wazcsuk

Forensic Firearm Expert
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Louise Wallis

Crime Scene Officer - NSW Police Force
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Michael Whyte

Fingerprint Expert - NSW Police Force
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Michele Franco

Dr. Nicole Cattarossi

Intelligence Analyst - NSW Police Force
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Nicole Wyner

Committee Member

Dr. Phil Maynard

Senior Lecturer - UTS
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Dr. Robert Ebeyan

Lecturer in Forensic Science - WSU

Dr. Rylee Lam

Research Officer - Fire and Rescue NSW
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Dr. Scott Chadwick

Senior Lecturer - UTS

Sharni Collins

PhD Candidate - UTS
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Eric Murray

Honorary Committee Member
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Alison Sears

Public Officer

Harrison Fursman

PhD Candidate - UTS
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Ayusha Dahal

PhD Candidate - UTS
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Dr Alicia Haines

Lecturer in Forensic Biology - WSU
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Branch Awards

Eric Murray Award, Professional Achievement Award

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Eric Murray Award, Student Symposium Award

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Michael Dawson Award, ANZFSS Symposia Award

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Branch News

09/09/2023 | General

NSW Branch News

Familial DNA and Y-STR Searching – Solving the Beast of Bondi – 3 rd May 2023 On 3 rd May 2023, the NSW branch had three fantastic speakers who gave us even more ammunition as to why DNA is kno...

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