Symposium Awards

22/11/2021 |
The ANZFSS Executive are pleased to announce that applications for ANZFSS Symposium Awards are closed.

These awards are open to current General, Student, Professional and Life members, and typically provide for registration at the forthcoming IAFS Meeting /ANZFSS Symposium, to be held in Sydney from the 20th to the 23rd of November.

The same application will be used to assess applicants for Executive and Branch ANZFSS Symposium Awards and as such these applications will be forwarded to your respective branch.

The application form is here: Symposium_Award_Application_Form_2023.

Please forward your completed form to the Secretary at

The application form is a word document so you can easily download and complete, however please do not modify the form. Once you have completed your form please save as a PDF and forward as per the return details on the form. Please note typing your name as opposed to printing out and signing the application form, is adequate as a signature.

Please note, the matter of Symposium award allocation with consideration to diversity and inclusion has been duly raised. In response Section 8. Diversity and Inclusion has been included in the application form. You are not required to respond to these questions. How this data will be used, if it is in fact used, to assist award selection will discussed by the selection committee during the selection process and make known to the membership to ensure transparency and accountability. If you have any concerns, please contact the Executive or your Branch.

Thank you.

The committee look forward to your submissions.

Melissa AirlieSecretary – ANZFSS Executive