David Grace Award

22/11/2021 |

David Grace was employed at the Victoria Forensic Science Centre for many years as a Forensic Officer in the Biology Division. David was also a long serving, dedicated and enthusiastic member of the ANZFSS committee in Victoria. In his position as head “Technical Officer”, he was responsible for the training and development of other Biology technical staff. David strongly believed that it was important for his staff to be given similar opportunities to caseworkers in order to develop their skills. One example of his initiative to provide such opportunities was to send his staff to crime scenes to assist caseworkers.  He also felt that he and other technical staff would benefit from attending seminars and was very keen for this to occur.

David tragically died on September 30th, 1996 whilst on an Army Reserve training exercise.

In memory of David’s contribution to the ANZFSS over many years and his dedication as a Forensic Officer, the Committee has established a Memorial Scholarship in his name to enable the recipient to attend an ANZFSS Symposium. The scholarship is awarded to a member of the ANZFSS (Victorian Branch) who would not normally have the opportunity to go to a symposium and meets the requirements below. You may also be required to attend an interview.

  1. The applicant is employed by a recognised forensic service provider in either a support role (technical/non-casework reporting officer role) or who has 3 years or less experience in a junior casework role (entry level court reporting role/new practitioner).
  1. The applicant has not previously been to a forensic science symposium.
  1. The applicant is a financial member of the ANZFSS-Victorian Branch and has been for at least twelve months
  1. The successful applicant will be required to provide an article for the ANZFSS newsletter summarising their experiences at the Symposium

The application form for the 2023 David Grace Scholarship can be found here.

Applications close 30th April 2023.

Please contact the or for more information.

David Grace Award Recipients:

ANZFSS Brisbane Conference 2022: Nicole Bond & Catherine Shehan
ANZFSS Perth Conference 2018 : Joseph Balkwill